Some Helicopter Game that plays similarly to an old PC game called Striker.

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SomeHelicopterGame - a game a bit like the classic 'Striker!', you are piloting a small copter that has a limitless supply of ammunition which is odd since a copter of this style couldn't even carry a substantial weapon of any kind well maybe a couple of rocket launchers (I don't know - judging from the movie outbreak). Use the 'W','A','S','D' or Arrow Keys to Move, SPACEBAR will fire guns and drop bombs at the same time. When moving left or right you can increase you tilt angle a bit more by holding down the SHIFT or Control Key.
Currently there are just 2 levels, as you pass the levels and come back to them the difficulty increases (by having more of the rockets launch), I hope to make another couple of levels where you fight some big machine or boss thing and to start adding sounds.

Greenfoot Page

You can download the scenario to run in the greenfoot editor SomeHelicopterGame Page


Some Helicopter Game on Github


There is also an Executable Jar File you can run. Download Executable Jar and double click; Requires Java 7 to run.