Bug Lander

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Bug Lander is a challenge game where you try land a fragile little ship on various platforms without breaking the craft.
'A' Key flap left wing.
'S' Key flap right wing.
You will have to hold both keys to lift off, the 'A' will push the flier to the right and the 'S' will push the flier to the left.
NOTE: If yopu have the Chrome Browser and all of a sudden Java Applets no longer work, you will have to enter chrome://flags into the Address Bar and click the Enable Link for the NPAPI you will see this text:

Enable NPAPI Mac, Windows
Enables the use of NPAPI plugins. #enable-npapi

After September of 2015 this will not be available so you can download the executable Jar file to play. There may be some sort of NPAPI white list after this date, will cross that bridge when we get there.

Greenfoot Page

You can download the scenario to run in the greenfoot editor Greenfoot.org buglander Page


GitHub Repository Bug Lander


There is also an Executable Jar File you can run. Download Executable Jar and double click; Requires Java 7 to run.